Have seen the dispensary from the NS streetcar and today found time to check it out. I was so blown away. The lobby area is simply clean and simple. As you walk towards space where the products are easily displayed you find yourself a cleverly designed tunnel. Very fun to walk through. The product room is pleasantly upscale with very knowledgeable staff and lots of high THC Indicas to choose from. I will support this store and watch it grow. Good job everyone.
Great Customer Service. Great deals. Great location. We would definitely shop here again.
great environment! super clean and easy to see all products. staff is helpful and kind. they like to answer questions and get geeky with ya. most importantly, their goods are on fire! consistently stocked with resin ranchers in the heart of the pearl district. loving these vibes, keep it up!
I was thrilled when I saw that this dispensary was opening in the Pearl District. Love the Güd range of products that come from their local farm. My dog will try and walk us inside even when they are closed. Fabulous all around!
Really nice upscale looking store, friendly faces, but parking is a bit sparse (on street only).
My favorite dispensary. Best selection, best edibles, best customer service.
Stopped in on work break the other morning, was pleasantly surprised by the staff, and feel of the place overall. Very comfortable, and welcome a thing not all dispensaries nail or even come close to, thanks team Virtue!
Great location easy to walk to and from. The manager is extremely knowledgeable and will provide meaningful inputs on products. Very nice upscale feeling. Prices could be better.
Artistic, warm lobby. A great buying experience with boutique vibes and competitively low prices. Knowledgeable staff with an appetite for cannabis science.
Just discovered this gem of a shop while searching Leafly for my favorite Jillybean. It is bright and modern with a happy budtender and steady flow of the Pearl Districts most chill residents. Found a well-curated selection of concentrates and edibles alongside some of the prettiest bud I have seen in a while. Left with a gram of Jillybean shatter from NWKIND that lives up to my happiest memories of Jillybean past. Will definitely be a regular here. Welcome to the hood!